Mission: who we are

We are a communications team that provides news, information, entertainment and inspiration by encouraging team member and customer engagement.  

Vision: what we aspire to be

We want to become recognized as one of the very best stations in America. We want to be known for very high profitability while also being recognized for top performance in local news, the best first job in TV news and also station-wide team member development, a leader in digital performance and recognized for extraordinary community service.  

Values: what we believe

Commitment: We identify common objectives and move with a common purpose, both individually and collaboratively until they are achieved.
Integrity: We share a deep commitment to do the right thing, to behave honestly and to act ethically, even when it requires sacrifice.
Respect: Every employee is valuable. We will work together in a considerate and professional manner, even when disagreements arise.
Trust: We will work to gain trust by being honest. We will encourage open dialog and a willingness to share vulnerabilities with each other. We won’t avoid conflict, while remaining respectful of each other’s needs feelings and opinions.
Initiative: We embrace the initiative of resourceful problem solvers who contribute and implement innovative solutions.