What a WHSV web producer does:
1. Use Clickability software to maintain station’s website including refreshing story order and posting and updating stories
2. Post and send push notifications for breaking news stories
3. Proofread reporter’s stories before posting to the web and attach video or web extras
4. Create graphics for web
5. Communicate with Gray Digital Media
6. Plan web-only content with reporters for station features including TSRs, Weekend Picks, Endzone and Student Athlete of the Week
7. Check press releases, Gray News Desk, Associated Press, and other news outlets to write stories for the web
8. Monitor social media and respond to messages and comments as needed
9. Attend WebQC meetings
10. Participate in bi-annual website and app overhaul

The web producer is responsible for our digital product and making sure WHSV’s website, app, and social media are current and eye catching. They work on posting press releases, national stories, and local stories, as well as helping reporters put their stories of the day online. They also act quickly in breaking news situations to get a story online and get a push notification sent out to viewers. The web producer is knowledgeable about social media and how to push viewers to our website. They create or find graphics for web stories and social media, as well as create graphics for station contests, like Daybreak Trivia. Web producers work with reporters to plan web-extra content for station features, like TSRs and Weekend Picks. They will add additional graphs or videos to make our digital product appealing to our viewers and make people want to learn more about the stories we tell on air.

Web producers are an integral part of the station’s WebQC team and participate in the bi-annual website and app overhaul. They make sure links on the website work and ask the Gray Digital Media team if there are any questions or improvements they would like to see made. Web producers also keep an eye on website analytics and take note of how different stories are performing online.

Why be a WHSV web producer?
A web producer is able to mold the WHSV brand to further it when it comes to creating content and making a lasting impact. As a WHSV web producer, you are one of the people on the station’s web quality control team, which supports our digital products and gives the station opportunities to try new ideas. They are also at the news editorial meetings to help create web-only content that producers can push to in their newscasts.