What a WHSV reporter does:
1) Make beat calls, including reaching out to contacts, checking social media and meeting agendas
2) Pitch story ideas in editorial meeting
3) Lug the equipment into car and all day long as I shoot every piece of video for my stories
4) Write update emails on site of each story to keep producers, management and promotions team informed
5) Shoot a selfie promotional video to tease story and promote on social media
6) Write, edit, and front stories with a separate angle for each newscast
7) Write web versions of stories

A reporter is responsible for telling the stories of the people in their beat. They strive to make contacts with people in their beat and will pitch stories to producers in the day’s editorial meeting. Reporters are expected to know what is going on in their assigned area through beat calls, social media checks, and checking meeting agendas. They will occasionally attend city council/board of supervisors or school board meetings. Following the editorial meeting, reporters make calls to set up interviews for their assigned stories or knock on doors to find someone to interview. They are responsible for keeping the newsroom and promotions team updated on their progress throughout the day before coming back to the newsroom and writing, editing, and sometimes fronting their story. Reporters will often shoot, write and edit their stories on their own. They run their own live shots if there is not a photographer available. Reporters also promote their stories through social media and write web versions of their stories.

Why be a WHSV reporter?
Reporters at WHSV eventually do everything. They’re on camera, write scripts, shoot video, and edit packages and VOSOTs. At WHSV, you will get a variety of skills that will help you grow and move forward in your career. There are also opportunities to cross train in anchoring and producing. Reporters at WHSV also have creative control to come up with their own story ideas, film their own video, edit and write their own work and appear on camera.