What a WHSV photographer does:
1) Shoot and edit video and interviews for reporter stories, including day-turn packages, VOSOTs, and TSRs
2) Haul heavy gear everywhere
3) Manage equipment
4) Train new employees on camera operations and video editing
5) Run live shots for newscasts
6) Assist the news director in recruiting new editors and photographers

A photographer’s job involves working with reporters and producers on the video aspects of the day’s stories. Each day varies; one day might be spent with a reporter while another day might be gathering stories on their own. A photographer is responsible for working with reporters to determine what equipment they might need. They then grab their gear, including batteries, memory cards, cameras, light kits, or go-pros.

The photographer will shoot interviews, b-roll, and reporter stand ups while trying to be as visual and creative as possible, even if the story may be visually boring or content weak. Once back at the station, they will edit the story to the reporter’s script. That’s also usually the first time they have the chance to take a break and eat lunch. Depending on the day, the photographer is responsible for running reporter’s live shots to make them as interactive as possible.

Why be a WHSV photographer?
A WHSV photographer has a range of tasks, including the chance to shoot, write, and edit VOSOTs for newscasts. They also shoot and edit TSRs allowing them to show their creativity when it comes to doing long form journalism.