What a WHSV meteorologist does:
1) Check current conditions
2) Look at current radar, satellite, temperatures
3) Forecast based on model data
4) Build graphics for weather cast
5) Record forecasts for our 24/7 weather channel
6) Update forecast on phone line and web
7) Produce and anchor weathercast
8) Monitor social media
9) Communicate with producers, especially during severe weather

A meteorologist’s main job is to monitor weather conditions and forecast during newscasts. They check current conditions, radar, satellite, temperatures and models to build the forecast. Meteorologists are responsible for building their graphics and writing closed captioning for their weather hits. They also record forecasts for our 24/7 weather channel and update the weather phone line and web with the forecast. The WHSV First Alert Storm Team also monitors social media and post on Facebook and Twitter. During severe weather, meteorologists communicate with producers and reporters to help with news coverage and placement of weather in the newscasts.

Why be a WHSV meteorologist?
A WHSV meteorologist predicts weather from snow to floods. The mountains also create a challenge to forecasting. They are cross trained in reporting, which teaches them in additional skills. Many of WHSV’s meteorologists work on weather related TSRs and station projects, like weather questions viewers are able to ask.