What a WHSV editor does:
1) Download video from a variety of sources including ABC, CNN, our archives, and our affiliates/sister stations
2) Edit video for all non-reporter stories as closely to script as possible
3) Edit video for breaking news from file video or video/picture reporters send from the field
4) Transfer all edited video to station’s server using Filezilla
5) Help reporters edit video when needed
6) Cut video from newscasts and attach them to web stories
7) Assist promotions finding video for top stories of the day
8) Communicate with producers when issues arise with video content

An editor’s job is to craft all video which appears throughout a newscast, website and social media. They match video/pictures as closely as possible to the script so the video viewers see matches what they hear. Editors gather video, pictures, and audio from a number of sources, including: CNN, ABC, FOX, social media, affiliate and sister stations, station archives, press releases and wherever is requested by a producer. The position includes working under tight time constraints, especially when there is breaking news before or during a newscast.

Editors communicate closely with producers to ensure the video matches what is requested, assist reporters with editing from time to time, and help promotions staff find video content for the day’s top stories. They also partner with meteorologists to ingest weather graphics, and work with TMPs to gather video ingested, such as traffic cameras and live press reports.

When newscasts are over, it is an editor’s responsibility to cut video from each broadcast to attach to relevant stories on the station’s website.

It is also important to note that the work of the editor is most noticed when it is missing or when it is poor. Television news is a visual medium, and the editor is largely responsible for the quality of those visuals. It is a position that requires multitasking, time management, and a healthy ability to manage stress.

Why be a WHSV editor?
An editor at WHSV doesn’t just sit in the edit bays all day; the job is much more. They are able to go out with reporters, help them shoot video and provide creative advice. The job is also a challenge. As the newscasts approach every day, the clock is ticking to get video ready and the editor is in charge of that.