What a WHSV assignment manager does:
1) Create and maintain dayfile calendar with events, meetings, and story content
2) Hold morning editorial meeting
3) Communicate with reporters in the field and troubleshoot issues
4) Help train reporters, approve reporter’s scripts, and give feedback
5) Monitor social media
6) Schedule news staff
7) Maintain newsroom email account and send relevant emails to news staff
8) Communicate with our sister stations and affiliates to share news content
9) Answer phones and communicate with viewers
10) Help gather information and dispatch reporters to breaking news
11) Listen to scanners

An assignment manager will help with communication, keep an eye on things going on around the DMA, and create schedules. While reporters are in the field, the assignment manager will communicate between reporters, our producers and our news director to make sure our stories of the day are on track. They will run the morning meeting, help approve reporter stories and give reporters feedback. The assignment manager will help make sure live shots get up on the air. They also troubleshoot when things go wrong and redirect reporters if needed for breaking news. The assignment manager will monitor the newsroom email account and newsroom phone line and send relevant emails to the news staff. They will work to keep the news director informed about concerns and progress of the news team and communicate with sister stations and affiliates to share news content. The assignment manager also maintains the station’s calendar with events, meetings, and story content. They sends the staffing schedule weekly, as well as create training schedules for new employees.

Why be a WHSV assignment manager?
The WHSV Assignment Manager works on long term projects like TSRs in addition to their daily tasks. They also have a part in training new employees, which helps develop their leadership skills. The assignment manager is a member of the station’s web monitoring team and helps monitor social media, allowing them to be involved in a variety of projects around the station.